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Wolf Communications and Public Relations was founded by Roni Wolf in 1992, and has rapidly grown into one of Israel’s leading PR agencies. We provide our expertise in PR and media consulting to Israeli companies with local and global reach, and to multinationals with operations in Israel alike.

Recognizing that information is traveling faster than ever in a shrinking world, we specialize in crisis avoidance and management, and offer rapid response capability and coordination on an international scale. And, as a firm that provides comprehensive communications solutions to our clients, we also offer specialized PR for the whole range of corporate milestones.

With the benefit of nearly twenty years of experience, we have worked hard to foster relationships with decision-makers and opinion-leaders in Israel, and are well-positioned to facilitate access according to our clients needs.

Our clientele represents a diverse cross-section of the financial and commercial worlds – banking, finance, high-tech, communication, energy and infrastructure, insurance, automotive and transportation, aviation, real estate, consumer goods and manufacturing.

Our Approach

In a world where everyone is signed up and logged in, everywhere and all of the time, peace of mind is hard to come by. The incessant stream of communication, so pervasive that it becomes intrusive, is increasingly difficult to shut off or even manage.

In the public sphere, communications has assumed a critical role, and thus become a source of considerable import and concern. Unrelenting technological advances, the sheer volume of its output, and its mass application make communication an unpredictable and uncontrollable force.

Each member of Wolf Communications and Public Relations takes it upon him or herself to direct this communication stream and refine its dissemination. Private individuals stand behind each node and image generated, navigating the maze of intricate channels of communication. These are the people that help understand developments within a broader context and with accurate scale. Indeed, each team member brings unique strengths and proven expertise, but it is together – as a cohesive unit – that we ensure our clients’ satisfaction. Guided by humility and a deep sense of loyalty to our clients, our team works with diligence and integrity, and offers professionalism with a personal touch.

Our Clients

Wolf Communications and Public Relations represents many of the world’s most celebrated and recognizable brands, encompassing a broad spectrum that includes: technology, travel and hospitality, retail, design, consumer goods, automotive, finance, public service and philanthropy, to name but a few…

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