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We live in a  hyper-connected world, where everyone is reachable and accessible. The fine line between connecting and disturbing is more blurry than ever, making quiet a rare commodity. Whether it represents an exciting opportunity or a cause for growing concern, the media is constantly flooding us with its immersive nature, mostly responsible but often incontrollable as it transforms itself in front of our eyes.

At Wolf, we believe in the individuals behind the words and images, people with a unique perspective which helps to see the bigger picture and understand processes in a relevant context.

Each one of our team member brings strengths and expertise, thus creating the cohesive and synergic environment at Wolf. Together, we seek to serve our clients responsibly, faithfully, humbly, out of good will and respect to people and words.

Every person deserves a chance to become part of a pack, one that protects you, helps you grow and thrive. Come meet our pack and see it for yourself.

The Wolf Pack

Roni Wolf

Founding Wolf Communications in 1992, Roni enjoys being part of the ever-evolving and impacting world of communications. Under his management it became the first PR agency in Israel to be affiliated with a global PR firm, Weber Shandwick.
Roni earned his degree at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Besides being active as a musician, Roni is a passionate swimmer.

Limor Rozental

Limor has been part of the Wolf pack for 20 years. Limor oversees the finance, insurance and capital markets accounts, as well as key automotive, marketing, retail and branded content accounts.
Limor attended Bar-Ilan University, where she earned her MA in Communications and her BA in Psychology. Limor usually starts the day by reading the newspapers – always from beginning to end.

Erez Bank

Erez joined the Wolf pack 21 years ago and manages the high-tech, IT, telecom and industrial sectors at the agency, as well as certain automotive and capital market accounts.
Erez received his MBA from the College of Management and his BA in Communications from the Yezreel Valley College.
In his free time he likes to dedicate himself to gardening and reading crime novels. He is especially fond of Swedish novelists, such as Stig Larson.

Noa Raam

Account Manager for lifestyle, consumer and beauty brands. Speaking fluent Hebrew and English, Noa arrived in Israel in 2004 from New Jersey. A connoisseur in all things food and an expert on every single restaurant in Tel Aviv, her unofficial title at Wolf has become "Head of Lunch". She also loves to cook and dance. An Instagram addict per excellence, Noa is the perfect influencer specialist and connection.

Roni Kerzner

Account Manager at Wolf, and former journalist at Forbes Magazine, Roni covers a variety of fields, including innovation, tech, finance and politics. Roni earned his MA in History of Israel from Tel Aviv University, focusing on the Holocaust, the Pre-state era and the History of Sports. Former softball player, he currently plays soccer and is a huge fan of Maccabi Haifa and Liverpool.

Keren Shamir

Keren joined the Wolf pack in 2007 and is in charge of several accounts in the lifestyle and consumer fields. She received her BA in Communications and Management from the College of Management.
Keren loves animated films and cartoons, and is a huge fan of Sponge Bob Square Pants.

Dor Dagan

Communications consultant at Wolf Communications. BA student in Communication studies and political science at Ben Gurion University. loves cinema, literature and long trips.

Lior Ayali

Currently pursuing a BA in Mass Communication and East Asia studies at Tel Aviv University. Lior is the Social media Manager at Wolf communications. Loves people, living, and smiling. In her free time, she dedicates herself to rock climbing and dreams to be a ninja.

Ilana Nikulin

Joining the team in 2021 as an Office Manager at Wolf, Ilana is a point of contact for customers and employees. She holds a BBA from Westminster College, London, firmly believes that there’s no such thing as small stuff in administration, and making the office a more pleasant workspace and a second home for the colleagues is among her top priorities. Fluent in Hebrew, English and Russian, Ilana loves reading and writing, listening to music and playing the violin. ​

Irena Sakhno

Irena is managing Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) Tel Aviv Department. She oversees international collaboration and helps Israeli companies to get into the Hong Kong market. A former journalist and editor of a business magazine and marketing specialist, Irena used to work in the global market in multiple countries. Irena received her Ph.D. in History at the Kyiv National University. She is a passionate yogi, swimmer, and runner.

Yakov Sirotkin

Currently Studying his BA in East Asian Studies and International Relations at Hebrew Univesity, Yakov Works in Business developments for HKTDC. Speaks Hebrew, English, Russian and Chinese. Loves to travel and anything that connected to China.

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